Services for the promotion of Afro culture with Teroubi

Our services

Teroubi has developed a number of services and activities to promote the richness and diversity of African culture at the musical and artistic level.

Dance classes and school activities in Brussels and all over Belgium

From dance classes to African percussion classes to activities in schools and youth centres, we also create shows and musical tours, always with the aim of sharing a rich and varied culture in which music and dance play an essential role.

Our workshops are run by professional artists. Do not hesitate to ask them all your questions! Passionate, open-minded and attentive to your needs, we organise events and activities for children and adults that meet your requirements:

  • Dance classes

  • African percussion classes: djembe, drum, dum-dum, sabar, tama...

  • Presentation of traditional musical instruments typical of Africa

  • Presentation of melodic instruments such as balafon, kora, xalam, Ngoni...

  • A demo of each instrument and composition to music

  • Invitation to touch and play the featured instruments

  • Musical performances

  • Etc.

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Our humanitarian development objective in Brussels and all over Belgium

These events also aim to fund our humanitarian objective: to participate in the development of particularly poor and deprived African villages by renovating schools, libraries, healthcare centres, clinics, etc.

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