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African Culture and more...

About us

Teroubi was born with a passion for Africa and its artistic cultures...

Our objective is to promote African culture through art, dance and music


Visit our Afrostore and discover our wide range of authentic traditional African musical instruments, professional or amateur, for adults and children & basketry!

Teroubi: promoting the diversity of Afro culture and ... is also a school of African dance and percussion in Brussels and all over Belgium

Teroubi is also a school of African dance and percussion. To the rhythm of the djembe, sabar or dum-dum, we organise African dance and percussion classes all year round. The Teroubi team favours diversity, interculturality and cultural mix by organising activities aimed at transmitting the richness of African culture. 

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team building

From African percussion and dance performances to Team-building

Thanks to many partners and volunteers, we organise festivals, musical performances, evening shows and intercultural evenings throughout the year with the aim of participating in the humanitarian development of particularly destitute African villages.

Through the organisation of team-building events, school activities for children, activities in schools and youth centres, we give an insight into the musical richness of Africa by presenting instruments and giving demonstrations. Teroubi also organises the import and sale of traditional African musical instruments.

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