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Our school activities & Team-building

centered around African music and dance with Teroubi, in Brussels and all over Belgium


Musical entertainment around in Belgium for all ages: listening, singing and dancing

Sharing the Afro musical culture with youngsters allows them to develop their musical ear and who knows, to discover new vocations. Specialised in African instruments such as drums, djembe, Balafon, Sabar, Ngoni, Kora, Maracas, Bongos etc., we run weekly workshops: musical awareness (kindergarten), music education (primary school), musical pedagogical project... Music through dance or instruments allows you to learn the art in a playful way and in accordance with the pedagogical project of your school. Teroubi organises workshops for musical awareness, dance and singing in schools all over Belgium.

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We offer various tools that are adapted to the age and pedagogy of your choice:

attention au monde sonore

Developing awareness of the world of sound

  • Recognition of familiar sounds, instruments, voices

  • Listening to music and seeking different instruments

  • Recognition and memorisation of different sounds, instruments or voices

  • Locating a sound source and listening games

Discernment and distinction of sounds

  • Pitch recognition (bass or treble)

  • Playing a low sound and then a high sound, far apart at first: when the sound is low, children put their finger down, if the sound is high, they lift their finger. As the sound gets closer and closer, we play the sounds closer and closer together. 

  • Recognition of intensity (loud/soft) and duration (short/long)

  • Comparison, identification, memorisation of instrument or word sounds (rhyming game)

  • Learning to listen to music

  • Listening to different music: lullabies, marching, minuet, etc.

  • Simply listen to the melody and find out what the lyrics are.

  • Listening to different music and songs from around the world (instruments, rhythms, lyrics, different languages)

  • Learning rhythm, tempo, pulse. Rhythm games with the body (hand and foot clapping), through percussion instruments: reproduction, memorisation and creation, setting up a choir, collective musical activity.

  • Common repertoire of simple songs to be established

  • The accompanying musical instruments (tambourines, claves, triangles, etc.)

Dances and movements

  • March in a simple rhythm, stop marching at a sound signal

  • Respond according to the given instruction to the agreed sound signal (listening and memorising)

  • Explore the repertoire of rounds and farandoles

  • Practising physical exercises

  • Finding the different musical phrases, the different rhythms, and the different paces to give an appropriate gestural response.

Voice and singing

  • Modulating voice variations (bass, treble)

  • Improvising dialogues with low or high-pitched voices

  • Reciting a nursery rhyme with different voices, then within the same rhyme

  • Based on the story of Goldilocks, play on the voices of the three big, medium and small bears.

  • Learning songs and nursery rhymes

  • Playing voice games

  • Practising simple singing and cannon singing

Our Team Building

Improve and strengthen the bond between your employees thanks to the "percussion" team building event, a relaxing and fun activity that encourages you to let go.

Team Bulding

New connections between colleagues thanks to African music and dance.

Come and join your employees to test each and every one of them by putting their ears and skills to the music. The aim is to develop a shared artistic project. The ideal way to connect the whole team.

The vocal and breathing approach of the rhythms played allows the development of intuition and creativity, which are essential for creating a harmonious balance as well as in a professional setting.

Ask us about our packages that are tailored to your team building project! These activities are organised all over Belgium.

Our team building event puts everyone's qualities forward, revealing the potential of your teams and leaving an unforgettable memory for each participant. Under the guidance of the 'Conductor' and his musicians, the participants discover the rhythm of the piece they are going to play together. The polyrhythm of the drums (each team plays a complementary rhythm to form a final) allows to improve together:

  • The musical game

  • Listening to others

  • Bonding with your employees through a shared artistic project

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