l'Afrique en couleurs

A privileged moment to showcase the cultural wealth of Africa

It was with great sadness that we announced the cancellation of the 6th edition of the Africa in Colour Festival because of COVID-19. It was to be held from 10th to 12th April 2020 in Brussels and we were all looking forward to it

It was a big disappointment for the entire organising team who had been working hard since the end of the previous edition to set up this sixth edition, which promised to be even more magical, compassionate, supportive, committed and fun than ever!

Our hearts go out to the arts and culture sector, which was already struggling before the pandemic, which has caused it a further blow. We strongly support all the artists, technicians, producers, directors, organisers, journalists and others who usually make us dream and stir with excitement with the events they create together.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021. The best is yet to come!

The Teroubi team

The unique Festival with 100% African Culture in Brussels

The Africa in Colour Festival is a free weekend event held in a cosy venue in the city of Brussels. We will be offering you a series of activities and events based on the African culture awareness:

  • concerts

  • music

  • djembe

  • sabar

  • dance

  • workshops

  • fashion shows

  • art exhibition

  • Children's activities

  • african cuisine

  • african arts and crafts

  • etc.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021

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I want an exhibitor stand Price: € 200.00 Includes: 1 tent of 3 X 3 m, 2 tables and 2 chairs
I would like an associative stand Price: € 100.00 Includes: 1 tent of 3 X 3 m, 2 tables and 2 chairs, only promotion of his association, no sale allowed


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Would you like to become part of our team of volunteers for the next edition of Africa in Colour Festival that will take place in Bruxelles in 2021? Contact Teroubi, we will provide you with the registration and participation details

Media and press

Are you a reporter, agent, or a member of the press? We are happy to welcome you during this event. Please contact us for more information or a press release

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the event Africa in Colour Festival.